Kramer Endres

Hey, guys! We’re back at it again 🙂 Thank you, Kramer, for sharing your story!
“Hi, my name is Kramer Endres, and I am a senior majoring in actuarial science. I am from Lodi, WI and grew up on Lake Wisconsin. I really enjoy spending my time outdoors, especially hanging out on the lake. I was diagnosed with cerebral palsy several months after birth and use a wheelchair for mobility.
In grade school, I was always interested in math and science which led me to pursue a degree in actuarial science. Through grade school, I was able to have access to accommodations such as extra time on exams, notes, and adapted physical education. Coming into my freshman year the McBurney Center helped make the transition from high school to college and greatly continues to help me with my accommodations. I have also found resources such as Adapted Fitness through the Kinesiology department to improve my physical fitness.
I have really enjoyed college at UW-Madison as it offers many opportunities for students, especially those with disabilities, whether it’s getting involved with student organizations like Advocates for Diverse Abilities, going to Adaptive Fitness, hanging out with friends, attending sporting events, volunteering, or challenging yourself academically. I think it is important to take advantage of every opportunity that this campus has to offer and that you shouldn’t let your abilities hold you back.”

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